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Um, but Eowyn was never madly in love with Aragorn. Delve deeper into her character. While I agree that Eowyn's Character is slightly off, she wasn't in love with Aragorn. Not real love. She was fed poisonous lies by Grima, which gave her misgivings about herself and her family. Eowyn is a woman who values her honor and wants to be remembered as someone who was worth just as much as a man. She could read the true meaning of Grima's honeyed words; 'Theoden and his kin are lowly, gibbering fools'. This drove her crazy, and she managed to convince herself she was in love with Aragorn. She respected him, and was in awe of his high and noble bearing and the respect he was shown. She wanted to be someone who could equal to him. She rode off to battle because she knew that Aragorn didn't love her, and she went to seek honor in another way, wanting to either win respect as a warrior or to die an honorable death. She killed the witch king to save her uncle. I think that is a heroic action, especially her speech to the witch king, proclaiming her own worth and that she can defeat him as well as any man. Yes, I know Tolkien and Lewis are kinda sexist, but they wrote in an era where women were still not all that respected. And also, The elf lord Glorfindel prophecied that the witch king would be defeated by no man, and the prophecy came true; he was defeated by a woman. Pretty epic, huh? and you've got to admit that LOTR is a classic.

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